Upgrade to SSD, ASAP. It’s a night and day difference. Seriously.

MacMan’s mission is to find the best, most effective products and techniques that allow performance from Apple products and services, and facilitate our client’s enjoyment of their Apple experience while minimizing data loss.

Solid state drive (SSD) technology is a big step towards that end.

The Macs we use every day are only as fast and dependable as their weakest component, and mechanical drives are a weakness that bring quicksand to our Macs. In most cases, once mechanical drives are replaced with SSD, the fast “fun-ness” begins.

Mechanical drives, or as I call them p.o.s drives ;), are slow and have moving parts that can’t wait to fail (it’s just a matter of time). Flash drives are fast, light, silent, dependable game changers.

Replacing mechanical drives with SSD  breathes new life into older Macs too. I recommend this upgrade for any Mac, vintage 2008 or later. Older Macs (2008-2010) run 2-4 times faster using SSD while newer Macs (2011-2015) run 4-6 times faster.

Pictured: Some mechanical/ p.o.s drives we replaced recently. Each 2.5″ drive represents a MacBook, MacBook Pro or an iMac.

p.o.s mechanical drives