“Solving the world’s problems, one Mac at a time”, pinned.


In the early years, that was my slogan. I loved it because it’s what I do, as MacMan. I Help people with their technology and their productivity. My slogan was only seen on my email signature. Then, in ’03, my design team and I began using “Everything Mac. No Worries” and created my official logo as it exists today. The idea came from my visit to Australia around that time. Now-a-days I feel like “no worries” is part of the hip American vernacular. I’m not saying I started the fad (nor am I saying I didn’t). So, until this week I had to create my own awesomeness with slogans in my signature. Not any more! Recently, by passing a bunch of Apple Sales Training tests, holy crap if I didn’t get a certificate and a pin, from Apple, in the US Mail. What to do with this pin? Go back in history, buy a denim jack it and attach to the lapel?

Thank you Apple for the recognition, and a Tchotchke from 1993.