My clients are writers, in triple digits.


I love reviews. Reviews have made such a big difference in my business.

I frequently ask clients to review MacMan. Why? I want to know how I’m doing at my job. The reviews tell me the good & the bad. Areas I need to improve & where I’m doing well. Being professional includes accountability and accepting feedback. Am I bringing something to the table? Am I adding value? Really, this is the gold.

Reviews do a lot of the pre-sales for me. Years ago potential clients would call and… ask ask ask questions. So much time spent talking when I could have been working and helping. Just add reviews and you get, “I hear great things about you. When can you get here”?

Reviews are another way to get to know your clients better too. How they share, how they feel about you, what’s important to them about working with you, and reveals their grammar and writing skills. These are all important. Seriously.

My reviews have told me that I’m doing something right (write). Also, they have made the phone ring exponentially more then before reviews were available. That equals work. I’m in.

Apple’s Consultants locator, launched Reviews around May 2011. Yesterday, 4/4/13, MacMan received review #100 on ACN. Too cool.