MacMan’s origin story.. is mom

In late 1993 mom and I were talking one day about the success I was having helping people with their Apple products. At the time it was mostly just Macintosh computers (SE, Classic, Quadra, etc), printers, some light networking, dial-up internet access, DSL for some, and maybe ISDN if they had the budget

So mom and I talked.. I said I love Macintosh and I could be people’s go-to man for their Mac, like a Mac Man. Mom loved it so we got her brother involved (he was a successful ad man back in the 60s) Uncle Harvey and I came up with my first branding- MACman (later changed to MacMan)

To me, MacMan started that morning, in mom’s bedroom in Berkeley, CA. I was also attending community college (where I wrote the business plan) and I was working part-time as a network admin in nearb Pleasanton. She helped a lot in the beginning. She got me my first branding (thanks and RIP uncle Harvey), she handed me clients on a silver platter (her friends and anyone she met), and of course lots of advice (super helpful at a time when I didn’t have good people skills). She helped.

In the 25yrs to follow, mom saw me succeed. She saw me thrive. she saw me find fulfillment from my work. I shared with her glowing reviews I received from clients and I told her stories of gigs (and Hollywood-type clients) that blew my mind. She witnessed me create a lifelong career that began at her bedside.

In her final days I was again at her bedside. I thanked her for my life, my career, and my mad people skills, among so much more. She trained me and trained me and trained me and made a man out of me (it wasn’t easy and I had loads of other help too). Mom’s training lives in me with every person I work with and I believe it’s noticeable

Thank you, mom, for naming me… twice

Gale Bailey (5/12/45-1/1/19)