Holy Mavericks 10.9 Certification, MacMan!


This year when Apple made their Mavericks 10.9 Certification available to Apple Consultants, I thought.. do I just buy the book, take the online re-up exam, pass and call it a Mavericks-certified day? Or.. take the three-day in-classrom course and get crystal clear on the the operating system while learning what’s new, Again. Not an easy choice, Then I remembered how important it is to do the work. I always get so much out of doing the work. Plus, my mom was like, do the work!

It was a fun-filled nerd-fest. All Apple tech talk all the time, for three days. For me it was being a kid in a candy store. More more more please. I learned changes Apple has made since Mountain Lion 10.8, got more insight into where the operating system is headed, and found new tips and tricks for my client work. I breezed through the material. At the end of day three, I took the test and passed in 20 minutes. A new record 🙂

Welcome to Mavericks certification, baby.