I want Howard Stern as a MacMan client

I’ve listened to the Howard Stern Show, daily, since 1996. I’ve witnessed Howard mature and transform his show from the shenanigans (strippers, porn stars and fart jokes) that it used to be into the amazing show (A-list interviews on a censorship-free medium) it is today.

What impresses me is NOT that he found a way to be censorship-free and to just go buck wild. Instead he seems to focus on increasing the quality while decreasing the adolescence. So far, for more than 30 years. Profound.

Why do I listen? From the first time I tuned in, the show made me laugh, out loud. It’s so fun to wake up laughing. Also, rarely does a show go by when I don’t get something from listening. The show just keeps getting better. This has inspired my work, daily. In fact, a lot of what makes MacMan work so well comes from listening to the show.

A few years ago, Howard switched from PC to Mac. Cool. So, I want to be his Mac guy. Hey, we all can dream. I choose to dream big. Hey now!