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25 years of MacMan

Jeremy holding software installation disks (!)

I started MacMan in December 1993, and back then it was simple.It was about making a couple devices work together, like a printer and a Mac Plus, or a Quadra and dial-up email. There wasn’t much talk about security, compromised devices or managing user accounts.

Now my work has shifted dramatically as tech and online has gotten more complex. My clients have a lot going on with several devices, social media, multiple accounts and a need for privacy.

Jeremy and a Mac Quadra in 1993

I’ve learned that technical expertise is only a part of what’s needed to maintain long-term IT relationships. Instead, I answer questions in a relatable way, keeping it simple and helpful, speaking plain english not tech-jargon.

Helping people succeed with their Apple products is more fulfilling than I could have imagined, especially when I first started, at just 19. Here’s to 25 amazing years behind me and the unknown future ahead.

I love my job!