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MacMan’s origin story.. is mom

In late 1993 mom and I were talking one day about the success I was having helping people with their Apple products. At the time it was mostly just Macintosh computers (SE, Classic, Quadra, etc), printers, some light networking, dial-up internet access, DSL for some, and maybe ISDN if they had the budget

So mom and I talked.. I said I love Macintosh and I could be people’s go-to man for their Mac, like a Mac Man. Mom loved it so we got her brother involved (he was a successful ad man back in the 60s) Uncle Harvey and I came up with my first branding- MACman (later changed to MacMan)

To me, MacMan started that morning, in mom’s bedroom in Berkeley, CA. I was also attending community college (where I wrote the business plan) and I was working part-time as a network admin in nearb Pleasanton. She helped a lot in the beginning. She got me my first branding (thanks and RIP uncle Harvey), she handed me clients on a silver platter (her friends and anyone she met), and of course lots of advice (super helpful at a time when I didn’t have good people skills). She helped.

In the 25yrs to follow, mom saw me succeed. She saw me thrive. she saw me find fulfillment from my work. I shared with her glowing reviews I received from clients and I told her stories of gigs (and Hollywood-type clients) that blew my mind. She witnessed me create a lifelong career that began at her bedside.

In her final days I was again at her bedside. I thanked her for my life, my career, and my mad people skills, among so much more. She trained me and trained me and trained me and made a man out of me (it wasn’t easy and I had loads of other help too). Mom’s training lives in me with every person I work with and I believe it’s noticeable

Thank you, mom, for naming me… twice

Gale Bailey (5/12/45-1/1/19)

23, 44, 500 and counting

Forty-four years young

What a ride it’s been. I would never have guessed that Apple would make it to this level of success (I just went along for the ride and didn’t let go). 2016 was MacMan’s best year so far. I am fulfilled, thrilled, and humbled by this amazing Los Angeles every day and in every way.

Twenty three years as MacMan

I was 20 in Berkeley in 1993 helping people with their Macintosh SE/30 and Classic II computers and ImageWriter II printers. Now I’m busy with projects that are challenging and exciting, including Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

500 MacMan customers and counting 🙂

I love what I do and I love working with such talented clients and their unique needs. I work as a team by any means necessary (onsite, phone, screen sharing and/or texting). Supporting clients and making what seems complicated understandable. I really enjoy teaching and calming nerves. As for LA, our city is spectacular. The sky is the limit. So many Macs, so much fun.

A recent article about MacMan-

Celebrating 23 Years

MacWorld/iWorld “was” fun

MacWorld '98 2

Today marks the end of an era.

I first attended MacWorld in 1996, as a tech with just three years experience. It was a first for us all. It was amazing. Everything Apple, under one roof. As a tech, it was a wonderland.

I’d walk from booth to both asking developers and engineers for help with tech issues that had me stumped, while looking at newly-released and forthcoming stuff. Heaven. Oh, and then there were the “show specials”. Many booths wanted to go home much “lighter” than they arrived (wanting to sell what they brought). So, come Friday it was discount time. For example, I bought a Kensington Trackball and an Iomega Zip 100 disks 🙂

So cool! I didn’t want to leave.

I did this every year, without fail. However, things change over time. It got smaller, and smaller,  and less interesting too. Finally Apple stopped attending and it became iWorld. I was out. My last year was 2011, when it was still cool (barely).

Pictured: MacWorld 1999, San Francisco


I stopped wearing a wristwatch on June 29, 2007

I love watches. I have a collection of all watches I’v worn. Some utilitarian & technical (a variety of G-Shocks) and some more dressy (Raymond Weil W1 and my dad’s 1980s Rolex). My collection stopped growing on June 29, 2007.

I’ll never forget that day. My brother helped me stand on-line at The Grove Apple Store waiting for my turn to purchase the iPhone (original). For the 3.25 hours we were there Andrew held our place in line while I walking back and forth handing out business cards to Apple fans. I even got to meet one of my heroes, Kevin Smith. Kevin, also a huge Apple fan, stood there waiting with the rest of us! Meeting Kevin almost made it all worth while. What really made our efforts pay off was how the iPhone changed my life.

The iPhone replaced my first “smart” phone, Palm Treo 650, which I loved. The iPhone, however, is such a beautifully simple device, I wanted to go simple too. No more watch. Since then it has developed into a tool that helps run my business, and life. Since then I have purchased each iPhone the minute it become available for pre-sale. Now, I rock a iPhone 5s with Apple’s brown leather case. The case is wearing-in beautifully.

I’m in love, 6 1/2 years and going strong.

The day iPhone was announced, 7 years ago yesterday

I want Howard Stern as a MacMan client

I’ve listened to the Howard Stern Show, daily, since 1996. I’ve witnessed Howard mature and transform his show from the shenanigans (strippers, porn stars and fart jokes) that it used to be into the amazing show (A-list interviews on a censorship-free medium) it is today.

What impresses me is NOT that he found a way to be censorship-free and to just go buck wild. Instead he seems to focus on increasing the quality while decreasing the adolescence. So far, for more than 30 years. Profound.

Why do I listen? From the first time I tuned in, the show made me laugh, out loud. It’s so fun to wake up laughing. Also, rarely does a show go by when I don’t get something from listening. The show just keeps getting better. This has inspired my work, daily. In fact, a lot of what makes MacMan work so well comes from listening to the show.

A few years ago, Howard switched from PC to Mac. Cool. So, I want to be his Mac guy. Hey, we all can dream. I choose to dream big. Hey now!

1993, 1994, 1995… 2003… 2013…

I am beginning to reflect on 20 years as MacMan (this December) and after watching the keynote today (iPhone c/s announced), I just can’t get over how enjoyable my career has been. Apple is committed to innovation, integrity, and making the experience of using Macs & iPhones fun and productive. I rarely find my job anything but pleasurable, just thrilled clients, in love with their Apple products. Who would have guessed it would be this way, back in 1993? Not me. I took (and still take) it one day at a time and Apple grew and grew and grew. From underdog to best in show. I am a grateful, humbled again today at what Apple has brought to market, Apple Consultant.

My clients are writers, in triple digits.


I love reviews. Reviews have made such a big difference in my business.

I frequently ask clients to review MacMan. Why? I want to know how I’m doing at my job. The reviews tell me the good & the bad. Areas I need to improve & where I’m doing well. Being professional includes accountability and accepting feedback. Am I bringing something to the table? Am I adding value? Really, this is the gold.

Reviews do a lot of the pre-sales for me. Years ago potential clients would call and… ask ask ask questions. So much time spent talking when I could have been working and helping. Just add reviews and you get, “I hear great things about you. When can you get here”?

Reviews are another way to get to know your clients better too. How they share, how they feel about you, what’s important to them about working with you, and reveals their grammar and writing skills. These are all important. Seriously.

My reviews have told me that I’m doing something right (write). Also, they have made the phone ring exponentially more then before reviews were available. That equals work. I’m in.

Apple’s Consultants locator, launched Reviews around May 2011. Yesterday, 4/4/13, MacMan received review #100 on ACN. Too cool.


“Solving the world’s problems, one Mac at a time”, pinned.


In the early years, that was my slogan. I loved it because it’s what I do, as MacMan. I Help people with their technology and their productivity. My slogan was only seen on my email signature. Then, in ’03, my design team and I began using “Everything Mac. No Worries” and created my official logo as it exists today. The idea came from my visit to Australia around that time. Now-a-days I feel like “no worries” is part of the hip American vernacular. I’m not saying I started the fad (nor am I saying I didn’t). So, until this week I had to create my own awesomeness with slogans in my signature. Not any more! Recently, by passing a bunch of Apple Sales Training tests, holy crap if I didn’t get a certificate and a pin, from Apple, in the US Mail. What to do with this pin? Go back in history, buy a denim jack it and attach to the lapel?

Thank you Apple for the recognition, and a Tchotchke from 1993.