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Upgrade to SSD, ASAP. It’s a night and day difference. Seriously.

MacMan’s mission is to find the best, most effective products and techniques that allow performance from Apple products and services, and facilitate our client’s enjoyment of their Apple experience while minimizing data loss.

Solid state drive (SSD) technology is a big step towards that end.

The Macs we use every day are only as fast and dependable as their weakest component, and mechanical drives are a weakness that bring quicksand to our Macs. In most cases, once mechanical drives are replaced with SSD, the fast “fun-ness” begins.

Mechanical drives, or as I call them p.o.s drives ;), are slow and have moving parts that can’t wait to fail (it’s just a matter of time). Flash drives are fast, light, silent, dependable game changers.

Replacing mechanical drives with SSD  breathes new life into older Macs too. I recommend this upgrade for any Mac, vintage 2008 or later. Older Macs (2008-2010) run 2-4 times faster using SSD while newer Macs (2011-2015) run 4-6 times faster.

Pictured: Some mechanical/ p.o.s drives we replaced recently. Each 2.5″ drive represents a MacBook, MacBook Pro or an iMac.

p.o.s mechanical drives

Holy Mavericks 10.9 Certification, MacMan!


This year when Apple made their Mavericks 10.9 Certification available to Apple Consultants, I thought.. do I just buy the book, take the online re-up exam, pass and call it a Mavericks-certified day? Or.. take the three-day in-classrom course and get crystal clear on the the operating system while learning what’s new, Again. Not an easy choice, Then I remembered how important it is to do the work. I always get so much out of doing the work. Plus, my mom was like, do the work!

It was a fun-filled nerd-fest. All Apple tech talk all the time, for three days. For me it was being a kid in a candy store. More more more please. I learned changes Apple has made since Mountain Lion 10.8, got more insight into where the operating system is headed, and found new tips and tricks for my client work. I breezed through the material. At the end of day three, I took the test and passed in 20 minutes. A new record 🙂

Welcome to Mavericks certification, baby.

Professionally Certified


Part of being a pro in the Apple arena is being certified. When Apple releases a new operating system, I dive right in. I want to know all the inns and outs. I want to be proficient with my clients (and when I’m playing around with my own Apple technology). Then, I get certified. I take a 3-day Apple training course (it’s a good refresher plus I pick up new tips & tricks), then I take the exam. I’m thinking of making this one into a business card.

MacMan’s Manifesto

Top 10 ways to an awesome workflow:

  1. Complete, automatic and seamless backup, including cloud-storage
  2. Know what you have and why you have it
  3. Maintained “passwords, websites and accounts” list
  4. Keep hardware and software current
  5. IMAP email, synced across all devices
  6. Ultra high-speed Internet and quality wireless
  7. Synced info (calendar, contacts, bookmarks, notes)
  8. Run a clean system with minimal 25% available space
  9. Wireless printing and scanning
  10. *MacMan agreement and regular visits (every 3-6 months)