MacMan’s Manifesto

Top 10 ways to an awesome workflow:

  1. Complete, automatic and seamless backup, including cloud-storage
  2. Know what you have and why you have it
  3. Maintained “passwords, websites and accounts” list
  4. Keep hardware and software current
  5. IMAP email, synced across all devices
  6. Ultra high-speed Internet and quality wireless
  7. Synced info (calendar, contacts, bookmarks, notes)
  8. Run a clean system with minimal 25% available space
  9. Wireless printing and scanning
  10. *MacMan agreement and regular visits (every 3-6 months)

Make Your iPhone Rock!

Ten key tools to make your iPhone and iPad Fast, Helpful, and Dependable

  1. Keep the iOS up-to-date (iOS 5.0.1)
  2. Manage open apps (close apps you don’t often use)
  3. Keep all apps up-to-date (via App Store)
  4. Keep Film Roll low (lower equals faster camera)
  5. iCloud (enable all possible features, including iCloud Backup)
  6. Sync Notes via one mail account
  7. Reduce clutter with folders
  8. Enable all Automatic Downloads (not “Use Cellular Data”)
  9. Set default Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  10. Perform full backup via Mac frequently